our story

Born out of a need to nourish two little mouths, our granola came to be. As a nutritionist, I am always looking for nutritious snacks that were mommy and baby approved. With my understanding of food and how certain things affect the body, healthy and pure foods are paramount in our house. After much experimenting, I developed a recipe that fit the family’s needs; it was organic, lightly sweetened with NO refined sugars and NO preservatives.

The granola is a staple in our home. It can be breakfast, a snack while watching a movie, great with a cup tea and very portable to take with us while watching soccer games! It is so delicious that everyone who has tried it agreed that it had to be shared. Going to a dinner party one day, my mom asked me to make some healthy snacks to put in a basket as a hostess gift. I am usually my family’s go to person for food related matters! Naturally, my granola was a must. A week after the dinner party my parents got a message from the host. The message read, “that was the best cereal I have ever had”. He requested a weekly supply and I agreed! He then went on to say that the granola was too good not sell in the stores. So I slept on the idea for a week or so and decided that it was an amazing idea! How could I not share this goodness with you….straight from my kitchen to yours…..pure, simple, delicious…..ENJOY!!!!